On war and killing

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There are so many good reasons for waging wars and killing one another.

You could fight a war for economical gain, for natural resources, for territorial gain.

Maybe you want your enemy’s women, enslave their men and tax the life out of survivors. You could kill other people in defense, or to take revenge.

There are revolutionary wars, fought for equality and justice. I can understand even racially motivated wars and genocides despite all their logical fallacies, because at their core, racial atrocities are about taking what’s limited from a group of people, and giving it to another group who deserve it more, because they are *better, or you eliminate the *lesser mortals so the *greater people have more to play with.. right.. I can understand all that..

If you look at all these events with a bird’s eye view without picking any sides, all these reasons can instantly make killing in mass legit in the eyes of aggressor, even by international laws in many cases, although defender would beg to differ, but it’s irrelevant in the bigger picture.

After all, what are we but chimpanzees with big guns and smartphones, trying to satisfy our most basic animal instincts?

And then, there are religious wars. Killing in the name of a god.

I’m trying my REALLY best to understand religiously inspired violence. But can’t justify it whatsoever.

Killing for moral reasons is the lowest, the most dishonorable and malevolent reason among thousands of reasons to kill. Non-existent validity and reliability of the objective (Afterlife reward etc) is the most obvious problem of course..

But there’s another reason why it’s the most evil one.

If you studied game theory, you’ll know that, wars that are fought for material gains always end in peace, either win-win or in a win-lose way, but the balance is always protected and sometimes even improved. Valuable resources dry up, after sometime risks outweigh benefits, there might be alternative ways to obtain the goods..

Fuck we invented language and business just so we could communicate and trade goods instead of killing and taking by brute force. It was a win-win in the long run. All the technologies we enjoy right now are fruits of previous worldwars.

Wars fought for moral reasons on the other hand, have no chance of ending in a win-win way. That’s what makes it the worst. No good comes out of it.

Look how religious wars claimed hundreds of millions of lives over thousands of years. Look how capitalism vs socialism got humanity in such a tangle, both sides claiming the moral superiority, that we are pointing the ultimate weapons of mass destruction at one another for decades with no end in sight, thousands of nukes ready to vaporize billions of people at a push of a button. Mayhem and chaos all the way around until one side or all sides are completely wiped off the earth, because there’s no way to tell who’s morally just.

I guess the message of my unpopular opinion is, life is precious, and killing a living being, whether it be human or animal is serious business. You don’t believe me? Think of it this way; Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is. There are billions and billions of stars in it, yet this is the only planet we encountered life among those billions. That’s how precious it is, and it took 14 billion years for universe to make us. That’s how precious life is.

I’m not saying let’s live in peace and stop murdering each other, it would be just wishful thinking with no basis in reality whatsoever, it’s even good for progress. But at least please do it for good reasons so the balance is protected and the equilibrium is not disturbed, and humanity as a whole can make progress in the long run as a result.

If you sons of bitches keep killing over whose god is better, or what economic system or political ideology is the best way of ruling people. We’re all gonna end up fucking dead for no good reason.

Because total obliteration is the only way to end morally motivated violence, and there’s no higher authority that can answer these questions.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

I hope I made some sense.

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