Time and Opportunity

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Time measures opportunity.

Opportunity is a situation in which it is possible for us to get from point A to point B, make progress, do something we desire.

Time is a remarkable dimension we live in. It vanishes into eternity, along with itself, diminishes the chances we have left to turn opportunity into reality.

It is, therefore, important for us to grasp the fact that; time is a made up concept we use to measure opportunity and it is not for wasting.

Wasted time is another name for wasted opportunity. And every single opportunity we encounter is measured in time patterns.

Human beings have responsibilities. We expect ourselves to accomplish certain goals in certain time frames.

Each opportunity comes with its own responsibilities, rewards and costs.

Most of the decisions we make is a result of an unconscious thought process, in which we evaluate various opportunities, and the trade-offs in between.

Only suckers put faith in the future. In the course of time everything gets worse and it eventually falls apart.

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